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hey, i'm colin.

$ whoami

software engineer with 2 years of experience working at industry-leading companies in developer productivity, payments, and e-commerce.

skilled in: ruby on rails, graphql, sql, javascript, python, golang, git and more.

things i've done

$ git log --author="colin"

independently led the design and implementation of various high-impact features:

  • built a new payment encryption feature that sits between millions of dollars worth of transactions per day
  • implemented an end-to-end data migration solution, reducing high-risk console access by 99%
  • re-architected core platform to speed up multiple high-traffic graphql mutations by 50x
  • designed internal tooling to enable autonomy for user-facing support teams, saving 400+ hours per year
  • published a visual studio code extension

  • contact

    $ git config --global user.email

    currently available for contract remote backend software engineering roles.

    interested in chatting? send me an email! resume is available upon request.

    find me on github (i also contribute to open source sometimes).